M Engineering Cloned ECU 3-Map Tune

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It's not quite a goat, but for safety you'll have a clone an exact copy of the original ECU – giving you peace of mind when tuning your GT car and not risking a warranty.

Get the most out of your aftermarket modifications in a safe and smartly controllable way. However, it's not necessarily a Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V sort of scenario (that's copy and paste for people who don't know computers)...

But E-motion, how does it not void my warranty, Chad told me it would no matter what... Well, tell Chad that the risk is virtually zero because by taking the original Stock ECU out of the car and putting it in your office desk next to your burner phone, you now have the freedom that you can put it back in when/if you need to take the car in for dealership service or warranty repair. So sorry, Chad, you're wrong. #humble

Our partner and brainchild, M-Engineering tunes have laid out some solid power gains on a 991.2 GT3 Touring with Dundon D3 Street Header Package

  • From 470 WHP (91 octane) to:
    • 513 WHP  (91 octane)
    • 529 WHP (100 octane race gas)

What's Included:

The M-Engineering tuning suite for the 991 GT cars includes:

  • 3 map slots switchable in the car live while its running, configurable by you:
    • STOCK Slot
    • RACE Gas
    • ADULT Pops & Bangs (Overrun Burbles)
    • E85 tuning (this is NOT flex fuel so the tank has to be drained)
    • E30 tuning (this is NOT flex fuel so the tank has to be drained)
    • Valet
  • PDK tuning to eliminate the insanely low shift points in automode

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    From our customers


    I finally got my GT3 on the track with a full set of new rubber…Man what a difference the new suspension and settings has made…you can steer with throttle input, tracks like a beast in the corners, braking is unparalleled, it has boosted my entry exit speeds significantly, and the tread wear across the tires is even, rim to rim. The only negative to the whole set up is a function of the shitty roads here in Houston, unlike the streets/hiways of CA/AZ, my nose is constantly scrubbing off the spoiler. Your new set up on Zwart’s GT3 rally car would work here…

    Bob, GT3
    Houston, Texas

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