981 GT4 Clubsport Power Package

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Think of this as the sinister sister to the Street Power Packaage. These gains are no joke (dyno proven), because you will do just about as much crushing of the competition. Keep in mind it'll be a slightly lesser price tag than it's sister with all the muscle, at $13,595 it will be without a Lifetime muffler – you provide a 997/991 GT3 muffler.

You can choose to purchase a 997/991 GT3 muffler on your own, or purchase a lifetime muffler in Loud or Quiet with PVD Black Tips or Optional Titanium Tips. 

Keep in mind, this kit is fully bolt on, and completely reversible – so have some fun with it for awhile, then sell it or give it to your partner. It works for the 981 GT4 Spyder and 981 GT4CS. 


For those looking to keep the Clubsport subdued select the Lifetime Quiet Muffler and add Nürburgring tips


Some top line numbers from past tests by our partners included:

  • 72 LB/FT gains at 5000RPM over stock
  • 320 LB/FT at the wheels peak torque
  • 62 peak HP gains at the wheels
  • 70+ WHP gains at 5000 RPM
  • 70+ WHP gains at 7000 RPM
  • 100+ WHP gains at 7700 RPM


What's Included:

  • Dundon Race Headers - Proven 4th tube technology aids in suction wave strength giving our headers the most power.  321 Stainless, fully purged TIG welded construction and a lifetime warranty
  • Dundon Valved GT3 Muffler Adapter (w/ optional 200 CPSI Cats) - Replaces the stock muffler with 2.5" 321 Stainless Steel over axle pipes, Valved GT3 Muffler Connectors (your exhaust button still works).
  • Cobb Accessport with Dundon Pro Tune - The standard for handheld tuning devices, allows logging, flashing and converting back to stock with ease (you can even resell it later to another 981 owner).
  • Dundon Intake Runners - Directing and timing the pressure waves coming into and leaving the engine is what we do, the Dundon Intake Runners show this and enable large gains, carrying power all the way to redline, where the stock intake runners fall flat. 
  • IPD Plenum/ GT3 Throttle Body - In our testing the IPD Plenum and GT3 TB aren't necessary for gains with headers/tune alone.  They are necessary at these levels.
  • Dundon Lifetime GT3 Muffler (optional Orange Quiet Muffler) - Our bullet proof 321 Stainless Steel muffler with correct length GT4 tips, comes in 2 flavors.  Black (loud) a bit more aggressive than an OEM muffler but with the drone cancelling upper pathway, and a full 3" lower pathway with an X pipe for the tip outlet (further enhances scavenging).  Orange (Quiet) for those cars that run on dB restricted tracks combining Cats and a Quiet Muffler is a great way to "fly under the radar" and keep the car's bravado reeled in!

    * Pricing subject to change without notice. 

From our customers


I finally got my GT3 on the track with a full set of new rubber…Man what a difference the new suspension and settings has made…you can steer with throttle input, tracks like a beast in the corners, braking is unparalleled, it has boosted my entry exit speeds significantly, and the tread wear across the tires is even, rim to rim. The only negative to the whole set up is a function of the shitty roads here in Houston, unlike the streets/hiways of CA/AZ, my nose is constantly scrubbing off the spoiler. Your new set up on Zwart’s GT3 rally car would work here…

Bob, GT3
Houston, Texas

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