Overlanding Needs More E-Motion

Overlanding Needs More E-Motion

Overlanding is about travel, experiences, culture, and yes, to a certain extent, the vehicles. But it’s also about having fun, and I think a lot of people forget that.

If you’re so busy obsessing over building the perfect vehicle or doing everything by the book that you don’t enjoy the journey, then what’s the point? I don’t think there is one, and that’s why we’re going to throw the handbook out the window in favor of some high-horsepower, corner-carving, wonderfully ridiculous Porsche Cayennes built by E-Motion Engineering.

While they may not meet the traditional definition for an ideal overland vehicle, they’re the perfect reason to loosen up and have a little fun. So read on, and see what makes us love one of the product lines most hated by Porsche purists.

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