Packages - Stage 2 - 991 Suspension Package

Stage 2 - 991 Suspension Package

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The Stage 2 Suspension Package includes Stage 1 plus:

  • Front Inner Control Arms (Long)
  • Rear Inner Control Arms
Stage 1 package included:
  • E-Motion Front Spring Package
  • E-Motion Rear Spring Package
  • Front Drop Links
  • Rear Drop Links
  • Spring Adapters

      From our customers


      I finally got my GT3 on the track with a full set of new rubber…Man what a difference the new suspension and settings has made…you can steer with throttle input, tracks like a beast in the corners, braking is unparalleled, it has boosted my entry exit speeds significantly, and the tread wear across the tires is even, rim to rim. The only negative to the whole set up is a function of the shitty roads here in Houston, unlike the streets/hiways of CA/AZ, my nose is constantly scrubbing off the spoiler. Your new set up on Zwart’s GT3 rally car would work here…

      Bob, GT3
      Houston, Texas

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