The Seely Setup – An E-Motion Engineering tuned Porsche 991 GT3

If my opinion counts for much, I'll firmly state: the Porsche 911 is the quintessential "sports car." Almost inexplicably, it exists in its own arena, filling the void between supercars and their road-going high performance consumer-tier counterparts. Porsche has made it clear that their entire ethos centers around driving enthusiasm, racing pedigree, and heritage in a way no other brand seems able to emulate. And, to ice the cake: despite Porsche's insistence to keep the engine at the back of the 911, they've still managed to create a machine quite renowned for its handling. Even Porsche isn't infallible though, having to make sacrifices of performance in the name of streetability and customer satisfaction. That's where Joey Seely of Emotion Engineering steps in once again.

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